Vegetables in infant nutrition by Dr. Alexandra Kosmarikou

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Graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy

Postgraduate Degrees: Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization Level II “Nutrition in Childhood” awarded by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy with a grade of “Excellent”

Medical specialty: Pediatric Specialist (Medical Specialty Title, Pediatric License)

Associations in which she is a member: Medical Association of Patras, Hellenic Pediatric Society, Hellenic Society of Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Alexandra Kosmarikou October 17, 2023

Vegetables in infant nutrition

  • Vegetables can be included in the baby’s diet from the beginning of the introduction of solid foods (ideally from the sixth month of life), either in ground form or in pieces cut appropriately.
  • They are offered daily, initially usually at lunch or together with fruit at breakfast or at lunchtime.
  • Prefer fresh, seasonal and ideally organic vegetables.
  • You can introduce a new vegetable every day as the only new ingredient in the infant’s diet.
  • Ideally we cook in steam (around 10′, depending on the vegetable) or in the pot with as little water as possible.
  • We start with simple sweet flavors like carrot, zucchini, potato and sweet potato.
  • For the soup, melt the ingredients, add the oil and lemon and mix well. To the pieces, add the oil and/or lemon on top.
  • The broth left over from the vegetables can be used to cook meat, fish or grains.
  • After their introduction, vegetables should be a daily component of the infant’s diet.