Eye protection from screens, by Dr. Alexandra Kosmarikou

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Graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy

Postgraduate Degrees: Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization Level II “Nutrition in Childhood” awarded by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy with a grade of “Excellent”

Medical specialty: Pediatric Specialist (Medical Specialty Title, Pediatric License)

Associations in which she is a member: Medical Association of Patras, Hellenic Pediatric Society, Hellenic Society of Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Alexandra Kosmarikou September 4, 2023

How can you protect your child’s eyes from using screens?

When the child must be exposed to screens, prefer exposure to the TV or computer instead of the mobile phone and tablet (the closer the screen is to the eyes, the more likely it is to cause problems, e.g. myopia).

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When the child uses a mobile phone or tablet, advise him to move the screen away from his eyes as much as possible.
It is good that the child does not exceed the recommended daily usage time for his age. Screen use for children aged 11-15 should not exceed three hours per day, for children aged 6-10 two hours per day, for children aged 2-5 one hour per day, while the use of screens is prohibited for children under two years old.
It is good for the child to avoid using the screen for an extended period of time and to take frequent breaks. Regarding the breaks, there is a recommendation to apply the general rule of twenty / twenty / and two: for every twenty minutes of close screen use, a twenty second break is recommended, during which the child’s gaze will look away. Also make sure that the child spends at least two hours every day outside the house.